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[15ѵ 5ŵ 2xUSB] ѾͶ
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쾡 Dual 5V USB Port Ҵ15 ѵ ѺѾͶ powerbank tablet
Professional Grade Product
ͧ SunPower ջԷҾŧѧҹ٧֧ 22%
ҴзѴѴ Ѻ дǡ㹡þҹ͡ʶҹ չ ѡҹ ͧ ش 繵
USB port: ѧҹ俿٧֧ 2.5A 5V Dual USB
display ʴ(A) ѡ俿(V) ѧ(W) ҹ Ѻѹʴ
Compatible: ѺѾͶ Android iPhone ¡쵡ѹѴਹ
ѹдѺ IPX-4
ҴѺ: 29. x 16.5.x2.5.
˹ѡ: 390
ѺСѹԹ 30 ѹ

ҨѴŧ¹ 30 (3-5 ѹ)
ҨѴ EMS 50 (1-3 ѹ ʶҹ´)
ҨѴ觪鹵仺ǡ§ 10
Ҥ 2,200 ҷ  -11% 
1,950 ҷ

Promotion: ʹ觫10000 ǹŴ5%
Buy Now: ѴԹѹѴ
Pre-Order: ԹͨѴ7-15ѹ
EMS Ө·ءѹ

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Product Features
1. Slim design,best solar power supply when travelling.
2. Use imported USA SUNPOER solar panel,up to 22% the world's highest solar energy conversion efficiency.
3. Under sunshine within 3 hours,it will fully charged your iPhone. Fast charging speed foldable solar panel.
4. Dual USB output ports, can charge for your phones,iPad,tablet,power bank.
5. LED Power/Volt/Amp indicators
6. Android and iOS compatible.

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